City of Pompano Beach, Florida Is Live on IWT Sourcing and Contract Management

SPRINGFIELD, MO, March 24, 2016 – Ion Wave Technologies, Inc. (IWT) today announced that the City of Pompano Beach, Florida has subscribed to IWT’s Software as a Service for Enterprise Sourcing and Contract Management.  The City’s purchasing department will begin processing electronic bids and accepting online registrations from suppliers desiring to compete for the City’s business.  The application will be hosted by IWT and available to the City of Pompano Beach and suppliers on-demand.  IWT will provide the software as a service to the City managing the application’s hosting, availability, and system infrastructure.

IWT’s Sourcing is an on-demand bid management solution that helps organizations achieve significant process efficiencies and cost savings over traditional paper-based bid processes. This solution streamlines the creation and issue of bid requests, supplier response submissions and awarding of bids. By providing a single platform for managing all sourcing activities and information, organizations can minimize costs and time delays associated with creating, packaging and distributing bid documents. In addition, sourcing professionals can easily expand the number of suppliers invited to bid, there by enhancing competition without increasing distribution costs.

Prospective Suppliers are encouraged to visit the City of Pompano Beach web site for more information.  Click here to learn more.

“Cities like Pompano Beach are recognizing the benefit of deploying their own solution retaining control of their operations, supplier database, and data.”  said Darren Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Ion Wave Technologies, Inc.  “IWT is committed to equipping the City of Pompano Beach with the right tools to fulfill their electronic procurement goals without interfering with their supplier relationships.”

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